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Transition Management


After an in-depth strategic assessment to discover your critical leading indicators of success, we help you define the changes (people, processes and product/services) necessary to achieve success in the new environment. Together, we determine a clear transition path from your current state to your best future. Arming you with field-tested tools, techniques and processes to help you make the changes, we guide you through even the most soul-wrenching changes so you can effectively lead your company to its new reality. The Morris Group offers proprietary processes for facilitating strategic decision-making and managing change from the most strategic level right down to tactical execution.

Expansion, Exits and Start-Ups


Successful growth whether through acquisition, innovative products and services, industry disruption or new business models can lead to a greatly expanded business that requires new ways of leading and managing. Understanding the lifecycles organizations go through minimizes the surprises and optimizes the use of your corporate resources. Sometimes growth leads to exit and the cycle begins anew. 

At the Morris Group we have been through the whole cycle not just once—with our own companies and with our clients. That experience allows you to benefit and leverage the larger body of experience, thus quick-starting your efforts. 

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