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Growth can be exciting, but it can also be frightening, even devastating. Consider the horror stories you have heard about companies who got their 'big break' by striking a deal with a big brand, only to find that the demands their new partner imposed in packaging, pricing, delivery and returns could conceivably put them out of business. We will help prepare you for such exponential growth using our proven tools, techniques and processes to evaluate your potential for growth and determine the organizational and business model changes necessary to embrace that growth, rather than be overwhelmed by it. 




Organizations grow by designing innovative products, services, business models and markets. Sorting out the winners from the losers are often make-it or break-it decisions. Our carefully crafted time-phased process helps you select and execute concepts, strategies and ideas that accelerate growth and increase value, or maybe even disrupt your industry. 


This full lifecycle process will help you validate and prioritize your strategies for growth and building value, build the business case for your concept or strategy, establish a detailed operations plan for flawless execution, assign management and/or team accountability for specific functions, obtain financial and people resources needed to achieve plan objectives and drive plan execution against measurable targets. Our lifecycle management process helps you establish a lasting "execution culture and competency" in the organization. 

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